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2-D Animation

2-D Animation is a hands on creative course that will introduce students to the art of animation. Students will experience and understand the fundamental principles of traditional animation through storyboards, backgrounds, and character development. Along with computer animation applications, students will use pencil and paper to explore this art form. This course is meant to guide students through the process of learning basic animation using Adobe's Animate Application.

Leadership & Community Service

This course teaches the skills students need to become 21st century leaders. Students are encouraged to explore and achieve personal growth, and each student will participate in service opportunities throughout Broward County. Goal setting and team building are emphasized as students create proposals to implement projects. Students will earn 30 community service hours.

Honors Pre Algebra

Honors Pre Algebra is a course to develop the skills necessary to be successful in Algebra. Topics include, but are not limited to: operations with rational numbers, variables, ratio and proportion, percents, graphs, sets, number theory, properties of rational numbers, equations with inequalities, exponents, evaluation of formulas, coordinate system, algebraic expressions, square roots, polynomials, and factoring. Students will be exposed to the fundamentals of Algebra 1 during this course.

Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation and/ or an “A” in previous math course

Junior High Speech & Debate

Students will receive an introduction to public speaking by learning research, writing, and speaking techniques designed to make them successful communicators and give them a foundation for competitive Speech & Debate. The course is taught by nationally recognized speech and debate coaches.

English Enrichment

The JH English Enrichment is a course for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students who wish to increase skills in the areas of literature analysis, composition, and grammar, style, and usage. Students will develop strong writing habits by reading various texts and writing companion pieces of poetry, prose, essay, blog, and email. Explicit grammar instruction will further sentence structure and fluency. Deep analysis of texts of all kinds will develop vocabulary and expose students to the organization, purpose, and audience of each genre of writing.

Math Enrichment

The JH Math Enrichment is a course for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students who wish to increase skills in the areas of Pre Algebra and Algebra. Students will explore topics such as exponents and roots, linear equations, one- and two-step algebraic equations, and probability. Students will be applying fraction, decimal, and integer skills in solving equations. Students will be exposed to more profound concepts used in Pre Algebra and Algebra.

Robotics Camp

Grades: 3–8

Based in our state-of-the-art pre-engineering lab, young engineers will build robots to perform tasks for various challenges. The class develops engineering and programming skills, problem solving, and teamwork.

Science Adventure Camp

Grades: 3–8

Exploration and discovery will happen daily through hands-on lab experiments, field trips, and outdoor projects that focus on marine biology, the Everglades, chemistry, and the physical sciences.

Video Production Camp

Grades: 4–8

Producers in the making will learn how to write, shoot, and edit their own short digital broadcast using professional techniques and equipment. They will also host their own pre-taped 15-minute web-based show.

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Broward County

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