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Honors Shakespeare

Grades 9 - 12 (Credits: 0.5)

The objective of this course is to encourage and foster an appreciation for Shakespeare's work through close-reading, critical analysis, and creative projects. Students will learn to analyze form as well as content. The course introduces Elizabethan England and begins with analysis of Shakespearean non-dramatic poetry, moves through class performance and analysis of two comedies, and finishes with an adaptation study. Each unit culminates in a project modeled after the genre studied and celebrated with a student presentation.

Prerequisite: Honors level or teacher recommendation 

Honors Business Entrepreneurship

Grades 9 - 12 (Credits: 0.5)

This course will introduce students to the exciting world of creating and owning a business. Students will identify common traits and skills found in entrepreneurs, explore business opportunities, and compare the risks and rewards of owning a business. The primary focus of the course is to help students understand the process of analyzing a business opportunity, determine feasibility of an idea utilizing research, develop a plan to organize and promote the business and its products/services, and understand the financial components of a business relating to required capital, return on investment, and profit.

Prerequisite: Honors level or teacher recommendation 

Honors Abnormal Psychology

Grades 9 - 12 (Credits: 0.5)

Honors Abnormal Psychology introduces the study of unusual patterns of behavior, various psychological disorders, including their symptoms and treatment. Students will learn how to recognize the different models that are used to understand abnormal behavior.

Prerequisite: Honors level or teacher recommendation 

Leadership & Community Service

Grades: 9–12 ( Service Hours: 30 Credits: 0.5 )

This course offers the skills students need to become 21st century leaders. Students are encouraged to explore and achieve personal growth, and each student will participate in service opportunities throughout Broward County. Goal-setting and team building are emphasized as students create proposals to implement projects and earn hours of community service for graduation requirement.

Pre-Med-Honors Medical Terminology

Grades: 9–12 (Credits: 0.5 )

Medical Terminology is the first course students take in the American Heritage School Honors Pre-Medical Program. Instruction is at the college level by a medical doctor. Students will study the language of medicine through an understanding of Latin and Greek roots, prefixes, and suffixes. The course also involves the study of the human body by systems, and introduces pathology and medical procedures.

Prerequisite required

Architectural Design 1

Grades 9 - 12 (Credits: 0.5)

This course teaches the student about the processes and tools involved in mechanical drawing and the principles of measurement. Through the use of various tools and techniques, the student will acquire the skills necessary to develop ideas into a variety of graphic presentations and structural renderings, from schematic projection to prospective studies.

Honors Coding with Java

Grades: 9–12 (Credits: 1.0)

The fundamentals of computer programming are emphasized in this 6-week/2-session course that uses the modern, object-oriented computer language of Java to explore program design and development. Students gain practical experience in programming concepts, algorithms, good style, documentation, and data structures.

Prerequisite: Students must have completed Algebra II with an A- or higher.

Honors Algebra 1

Honors Algebra 1 is a course which provides the foundation for more advanced mathematics courses and sciences. Topics include but are not limited to: sets, variables, structure and properties of the real number system, first-degree equations and inequalities, relations, functions, graphs, systems of linear equations/inequalities, integral exponents, polynomials, rational algebraic expressions, irrational numbers, radical expressions, quadratic equations and mathematical problem solving.

Prerequisite: “A” in Pre-Algebra and/or teacher recommendation

Honors Geometry

Honors Geometry is a course designed to develop geometric relationships and deductive strategies that can be used to solve a variety of real world and mathematical problems. Topics include, but not limited to: structure of geometry, angle concepts, triangles, quadrilaterals, basic proofs, perpendicularity and parallelism in a coordinate plane, similar polygons, circles and spheres, properties of circles, and right triangle trigonometry.

Prerequisite: “A” in Algebra 1 Advanced and/or teacher recommendation

Honors Algebra 2

Honors Algebra 2 is a course designed to continue the study of the structure of algebra and geometry to provide the foundation for application of the skills to other mathematical and scientific fields. Topics include, but not limited to: structure and properties of the complex number system, relations, functions and their graphs, polynomials and rational expressions, quadratic equations and inequalities, functions, rational and irrational exponents, logarithms and trigonometry.

Prerequisite: “A” in Geometry Advanced and/or teacher recommendation

PSAT & SAT Test Prep

An intensive 60 hour classroom program, this course will successfully prepare students for the PSAT and SAT. Princeton Review’s top test experts will teach the core concepts, skills and proven strategies that have been helping students for over 35 years. The class includes, 60 hours of classroom instruction, 4 simulated practice exams, 120 days of online access to Princeton Review’s website with over 2000 review questions and numerous additional practice exams.

Creative Writing

Grades 9 - 12 (Credits: 0.5)

Students who enjoy writing as a form of artistic expression will strengthen writing skills through specific prompts and writing assignments in various aspects of composition. Emphasis is given to the techniques of combining, rearranging, expanding, and subtracting to improve rhetoric and syntax.

College Writing

Grades: 11–12 (Credits: 0.5)

Students will prepare for the level of writing expected in college courses by elevating their level of rhetoric, syntax, and analysis; practicing the essay portion of the SAT; and understanding the college application essay. Students will learn to improve their writing through planning, pre-writing, writing a first draft, proofreading, editing, revising, and publishing a final draft.

Physical Education

Grades: 9–12 (Credits: 0.5)

Students will develop a better understanding of a healthy and fit lifestyle physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. The program is based on movement, social development and self-realization. Students will participate in a variety of activities and sports. This course meets the P.E. requirement for graduation.

Visual Concepts

Grades: 9–12 (Credits: 0.5)

This introductory course to visual arts introduces students to the processes, tools, principles, and elements of design for various art forms. The curriculum incorporates art history from pre-historic times to current day art and integrates aesthetics with art production.

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