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Course Offerings

2-D Animation

2-D Animation is a hands on creative course that will introduce students to the art of animation. Students will experience and understand the fundamental principles of traditional animation through storyboards, backgrounds, and character development. Along with computer animation applications, students will use pencil and paper to explore this art form. This course is meant to guide students through the process of learning basic animation using Adobe's Animate Application. 

Math Squared

Grades:  3- 5

This math course is designed for students with advanced critical thinking and abstract reasoning skills in math. Taught by an experienced teacher who coaches many math competitions, concepts range from logic, reasoning, and probability to geometry, integers, decimals and fractions. Students will have the chance to compete in math competitions within the classroom. Teacher recommendation required

Elementary Speech & Debate

Grades: 4 & 5
Students will receive an introduction to public speaking by learning research, writing, and speaking techniques designed to make them successful communicators and give them a foundation for competitive Speech & Debate. The course is taught by nationally recognized speech and debate coaches.

Reading & Writing Workshop

Grades: 2–5

Young authors will enjoy the opportunity to write thought-provoking fiction, expressive nonfiction, and cross-genre writing under the direction of highly accomplished writers. Emphasis will be on reading analysis and the writing process with group discussions to help develop the student’s ability to write clearly and compellingly.

Prepping for Pre-K

This enrichment program is designed for students preparing to enter Pre-K3 or Pre-K4. Through individualized instruction and center based learning, children are on a path to educational excellence. Teachers foster an environment that provides the basic foundation for reading and math readiness, while nurturing social development and promoting physical fitness and an appreciation for the arts. Students develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills including: sight word recognition, reading comprehension, expressive language, vocabulary building, phonological awareness, and letter recognition and sounds. Students also get a jumpstart on the foundations for math, such as identifying relationships and patterns, developing spatial awareness, number patterns, and measurement through hands-on exploration. This is a full-day program.

Prepping for Kindergarten

This enrichment program is for students preparing to enter kindergarten. The primary focus of the program is to provide children with the tools necessary to advance their skills in core academic areas such as literacy, math, and science. Along with providing an enhanced curriculum, our teachers also foster the healthy development of key social and emotional skills. Students build their confidence as they are exposed to learning activities that promote creative thinking and problem solving. This is a full-day program.

Foundations for First Grade

This enrichment program is for students looking to get a jumpstart on first grade. Through differentiated instruction, teachers bring each individual learner to the next level. The focus is on increased academic and content specific vocabulary through literature and informational text. Students further enhance their decoding skills as they learn to manipulate increasingly longer words and increase reading fluency to strengthen comprehension skills. Young mathematicians learn addition/subtraction, value of money, units of measurement, time and weight, charts and graphs, word problems, patterns in counting, objects and shapes, place value, fractions and estimation, to name a few. This is a full-day program.

Soaring into Second Grade

This enrichment program is for students looking for an advanced curriculum as they prepare to soar into second grade. Through differentiated instruction, teachers bring each individual learner to the next level. The focus is on increased academic and content specific vocabulary through advanced literature and informational text while building critical thinking skills. Our young advanced mathematicians will continue to build their skills through making connections, problem solving, reasoning, mental mathematics, and estimation on a higher level. This is a full-day program.

Robotics Camp

Grades: 3–8

Based in our state-of-the-art pre-engineering lab, young engineers will build robots to perform tasks for various challenges. The class develops engineering and programming skills, problem solving, and teamwork.

Science Adventure Camp

Grades: 3–8

Exploration and discovery will happen daily through hands-on lab experiments, field trips, and outdoor projects that focus on marine biology, the Everglades, chemistry, and the physical sciences.

Young Artists Camp

Grades: 1–8

Art comes to life in this class with a blend of visual arts media, including drawing, painting, collage, ceramics, sculpture, mosaics and more. Swimming, sports, and indoor activities are all part of the day.

Video Production Camp

Grades: 4–8

Producers in the making will learn how to write, shoot, and edit their own short digital broadcast using professional techniques and equipment. They will also host their own pre-taped 15-minute web-based show.

Musical Theatre Camp

Grades: 1–8

This intensive 6-week theatrical experience culminates in a Broadway-style show staged in our Black Box theatre. Students study acting, music, and dance; in between show rehearsals they enjoy swimming and other fun activities.

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