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Directors of the Science Adventure Camp American Heritage South Florida

Osmel Rodriguez is an environmental science teacher at American Heritage. He holds a degree in secondary science education with a specialty in earth and space sciences. Mr. Rodriguez’s passion for all things science has brought him to American Heritage Science Adventure Camp, where he can share his excitement for science and the world of nature with young minds. Mr. Rodriguez believes the best way to engage students is to fully immerse them into the world of science through an array of activities, experiments, and field trips. The camp environment allows him to do this in a manner that is fun, educational, and tangible for children of all ages. It is his hope that the young people that he works with over the summer will gain a deeper appreciation for science and continue to learn and education themselves and the people they encounter.

Jennifer Page believes science and the environment are fun subjects to dive into through the summer. Interactive science projects and labs are amazing ways to learn while having fun. Ms. Page earned an MS degree in Marine Biology and has been teaching environmental education for 15 years. She has lived in Florida for 12 years and loves sharing her passion for the environment with the next generation. She enjoys spending time outside and in the ocean with her three children. They spend their free time snorkeling, canoeing, and hiking.

Boca/Delray Campus
American Heritage Science Camp South Florida

Susan Kleiman helped start the Science Adventure Camp as co-director at the Boca/Delray campus four years ago. During the school year, she has served as the Upper School Science Lab Assistant at American Heritage School of Boca/Delray for the past 4 ½ years. In her role, she supports the science teachers in grades 6-12 and helps bring science to life through hands-on activities. Mrs. Kleiman enjoys sharing her love of nature and the environment and teaching scientific concepts in a fun and educational way. In her spare, time Mrs. Kleiman enjoys nature and wildlife photography, exploring the many nature preserves in the area, and sharing the wonders of nature with her three children.

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